Marblehead's Yacht Club

Shipyard waterfront circa 1915

Photo Courtesy of Dan Dixey

Marblehead Yacht Club was founded on May 1, 1878 as the Marblehead Boat Club by a group of young men who lived in Marblehead's shipyard neighborhood.  The early members raced 4-oared rowing boats in the local waters, challenging other boat clubs for money.  In the 1880's, there were more rowing (boat) clubs than yacht clubs in the area, and rowing was the most popular sport in the country. 

Around the turn of the century, rowing racing declined and the members took to dory rowing and sailing. Popular dories included Swampscott, Beachcomber, Alpha and Marblehead Racing dories. In 1935, the club was renamed the Marblehead Yacht Club and was incorporated.  The renaming reflected the change from a rowing club to a recreational yacht club.  Power boaters and fishermen joined the ranks of the rowers and sailors and membership swelled. 


In the 1930's the MYC adopted the 'new' Town Class sailboat and had a small fleet which they raced in the harbor. As active leaders in the new Town Class fleet, the MYC created and approved the official Town Class logo used today.  In 2013, an MYC member organized a Marblehead tow-line near Riverhead beach enabling many new Town Class boats access to the harbor.  Today, the Town Class fleet is Marblehead's oldest and largest one-design fleet, in part, by the continued interest and participation by MYC members.

In the 1980's, the MYC purchased 3 Crosby launches which are still used today and each named after a prominent member.  We continue to provide rowing skiffs so members can access their boats after launch hours. The MYC hosts several sailing regattas and many social events for its members including Kentucky derby party, music on the deck, July 4th cookout, ice-cream socials, wine tasting, and chowder parties and many more events. The MYC's Galley Restaurant enables members and guests to dine on the deck (BYOB) and enjoy the fabulous views of the harbor.

Marblehead Yacht Club is a vibrant and fun small yacht club  that was named Massachusetts Bay's Yacht Club of the Year in 2019.  Its members comprise a mix of sailors, power boaters and kayakers along with non-boating associate members who enjoy friendship and activities offered at the club.  The goal of the Flag Officers and Board of Directors is to maintain the "Best Small Yacht Club" in New England.  


If you are considering membership, we welcome you to come visit our Club and speak to our members and our Club Manager Bill Kilham. We offer Active Memberships for those desiring launch service and Associate Memberships for those who want to use the clubhouse facilities and have access to kayak storage.
The Marblehead Yacht Club's annual dues are modest because many members volunteer their time and skills in the operation of the Club. Membership is open to the public. You will find our Membership Application to be an easy process.