The old adage that many hands make light work is also what makes a volunteer Club like MYC possible.  Without a strong base of volunteers to perform the various committee functions, things just don't get done. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in any of the standing committees and help shape the Club.


Bill Keyes, Chair, Chet Mazer, Dave Williams, Tip O'Neil, Eliot Shanabrook, Nate Burke, Paul Mervis.  The responsibilities of the Waterfront Committee touch us each time we use our boats.  The committee oversees the operations of the waterfront, launch scheduling, maintaining the launches and floats as well as the waterfront rules and activities.  To find out more or volunteer, please contact Vice Commodore Bill Keyes at



Jane Clayton, Chair, Bill Betters, Bill Davidge, Elaine Greer, Bill Kilham, Judy Rawding, Gary Siden:  The House Committee's responsibilities also impact us whenever we visit the Club.  This committee oversees the maintenance of the clubhouse, the operations of the clubhouse and galley, and maintenance of the MYC house rules.  To help with the clubhouse, please contact Rear Commodore, Jane Clayton at 781-883-4288.


John Murray, Chair, Kathy Garrigan , Michael Assue, Patti O'Neil, Sheila Linnehan, Alan & Marie Peterson, Jane Clayton, Bill Keyes, Lannie Thurman, Nancy Proulx, Sheila Cran-Barry, Cindy Humphreys, Britt Winer.  The Entertainment Committee always welcomes new members to bring fresh ideas to the Club's activities and to help out. This large committee highlights the need for many hands to make light work of our busy event calendar.  If you are interested in joining please contact John Murray at


Jeff Witherell, Chair, Theo Kuliopulos, Paul McCauley, Tom Despres,  The Finance Committee meets monthly to review and make recommendations concerning Club finances, prepares the annual operating and capital budgets, long term financial planning, and completes monthly reports for the Board. 


Eliot Shanabrook, Chair, Campbell Seamans, Marcel Nyffenegger, John Murray, Tom Anderson, Dick Steadman, Paul Mervis: The Race Committee organizes and conducts the annual Clemson Chase Race and the Downeast Challenge and coordinates with MassBay Sailing, PHRF New England, and Marblehead Racing Association.  Contact Eliot at


Tip O'Neil, Chair, Carol Kent, Bill Key: The Program Committee organizes a series of presentations during the winter months covering various boating related subjects.  Winter programs are typically free and open to all members and the community.  Contact Tip at


Charlie Maney, Chair, Lisa Anderson, Cindy Cahoon, Becky Magoon, Tom Despres, Lucky, Mari, Jane Clayton and Bert Williams:  The Membership Committee looks to attract new members to the Club and coordinates the annual membership mailings. Contact Charlie at


Paul Mervis, Chair. Tom Despres, Nate Burke, Tip O'Neil: The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of officers and board members for consideration at the annual meeting.


John Murray, Chair.  Doug Burgess, Roger Tuveson, Kathleen Garrigan, Alan Peterson, Michael Assue.  This new committee was formed in 2020 to document and record the history of the MYC. We are looking for MYC members to contribute oral history, old photos, notes, stories and documents and their time to put together the book which is planned.  To join please contact John Murray at


Jane Clayton, Chair. Charlene Tyler, Peggy Farrell, David Katz, Paul Mervis, Bill Kilham.  The Covid Advisory Committee, is responsible for interpreting the Massachusetts and Marblehead guidelines, and recommending rules and guidelines for the MYC that ensure we are in compliance to provide our members a safer environment according to these guidelines.  Please contact Rear Commodore, Jane Clayton at 781-883-4288.

If you would like to join one of the committees, please contact Commodore John Murray at 781-632-8828 or fill out the form below.


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