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Marblehead Yacht Club holds two regattas each summer: the Downeast Challenge and the Clemson Chase Race. Please consider joining us in one of our races. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Eliot Shanabrook, Chairman of the Regatta Committee at


Clean Regatta Pledge


Marblehead Yacht Club is committed to providing environmental stewardship. The Marblehead Yacht Club will operate the Downeast Challenge and Clemson Chase Race as a Clean Regatta, executing to the greatest extent possible all best practices defined by Sailors for the Sea in its Clean Regattas program.

All competitors should plan to promote and adopt a "leave no trace" approach throughout the event, both at sea and ashore.


All competitors and support personnel, including vendors, are asked to cooperate by reducing waste, avoiding use of single-use plastics (such as bottled water), and preventing toxins from entering marine habitats.

For additional information and best practices, visit Sailors for the >.

Downeast Challenge

Marblehead to Portland

July 26-27, 2024

Downeast Challenge is an exciting 80 mile long distance overnight sailboat race from Marblehead to Portland, ME. Crewed and shorthanded boats welcome. Rising Tide Brewing and Rumson's Rum sponsor the skippers meeting and award party. Go for the party – enjoy the race. Rum, beer, trophies! 2024 Registration >

Clemson Chase Race

August 25, 2024

This is a fun, low key event for captains who have little or no racing experience, as well as the seasoned racer. You will be given your own individual starting time based on your boat’s handicap. The slowest handicap boats go first – and the faster boats go later. The object is for slower boats to get to the finish line before faster boats. Trophies, beer, caps! 2024 Registration >

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